Loosing a beloved pet is a time of great sadness. The last thing you can do for your friend is give them a dignified burial. Wooden pet caskets are available for a very minimal cost. These pet caskets come in various sizes as well as shapes. They offer the look of beautiful finished wood. You can choose from a wide range of wood types such as maple, cherry, pine, cedar, and oak. Sealed with a glossy finish for added elegance. Each comes with a padded interior lining in the color or print of your choice. Most have elegant brass hinges, latches, and lid chains. These pet caskets come complete with seal kits which provide protection from water and air. You can even purchase a casket vault for added protection if you like. They can also be engraved with your pets name for a more personal touch. Again there are many styles to choose from. Take care in choosing the one that best memorializes your beloved friend. You will likely grieve the loss of your pet for a long time. However you will at least have peace of mind in knowing that you provided your loyal friend with a nice place of rest.

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