Just like your late Great Uncle Chester, your pet was a member of your family. Whether you raised them from a young thing or rescued them from a pound, you gave them love and fed them. They provided companionship to you through long, lonely nights. Perhaps their mannerisms exuded crankiness or unlikeable tendencies, but you were able to see through their fur to find a warm body, full of excitement at your homecoming.

Remembering your pet long after they're gone is something that you've decided to do but don't even know where to start. Find a casket you know they'll be comfortable in and then choose a memorial headstone for them, much like you would for your other deceased family members. Whether you choose a simple and basic or refined and elegant headstone, it should be a perfect reflection of what you remember most about your pet. We have options for headstones of an appropriate pet epitaph or if you prefer, your pet's headstone can be personalized. The hardest part will be deciding how best to honor your pet.

You want your pet to honored in the most special way . . . we have a simple solution for you. Our pet memorials are all sold through eBay, so browsing for the perfect item is a cinch. While you plan the memorial for your pet, remember your pet lovingly . . . what did you love most about them? Why did you love them so? Set your memorial in stone!

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