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Pet Casket Plans

Pet Casket Plans are available for the carpenters out there that want to make and create their own caskets for their pets. Making the final resting place for your pet is the last act a pet owner can do for their pets. Creating your own casket can also provide closure for the pet owner. Each pet casket plan comes... 

Cardboard Pet Caskets

Cardboard Pet Caskets are not as bad as it sounds. The cardboard casket can be beautifully molded to express significance of the lost pet. They can be decorated and adorned just as beautifully as a wooden casket. The casket is the most environmentally friendly pet casket there is. They are also cost effective.... 

Wholesale Pet Caskets

Wholesale Pet Caskets are pet caskets that can be purchased at discount prices from a variety of dealers. Most pet caskets are memorable keepsakes to remind you of your lost pet. Often times when you are close to a pet and they are lost to you; you want to honor their memory by providing them a lasting place... 

The Pet Casket Podcast

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