Cypress Pet Caskets

Big Bald Cypress Tree
Cypress Pet Caskets are pet caskets that are made strictly out of cypress wood. They follow a guideline of straight lines and simple design. C

ypress wood pet caskets are the most expensive pet caskets out there in the market. The smallest ones cost roughly 82 dollars while the larger versions are roughly 436 dollars. The largest cypress pet casket holds pets up to 200 pounds.

The smallest cypress pet casket is specially designed to hold small birds and hamster sized pets. The sizes range from miniature to extra large with sizes in between. Those sizes are small, medium, regular, and large. The inside of the cypress pet casket is padded and lined like any other casket providing a caring place to lay your pet to rest in.

They can be ordered online and be delivered in a timely manner or you can find a local dealer to purchase your cypress pet casket from.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ret0dd

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