Biodegradable Pet Caskets

Biodegradable Pet Caskets or eco friendly pet caskets are for the families that desire to live a “greener” lifestyle.

The biodegradable pet caskets are environmentally friendly and an affordable way to honor a lost pet. Biodegradable pet caskets are designed to completely degrade once buried in the ground. All biodegradable pet caskets are made of recycled materials and the harvested bark of a mulberry trees. Mulberry trees require the bark to be removed so it can continue to grow. Harvested outer bark layers is the only bark used in biodegradable pet caskets.

Biodegradable pet caskets are available in every size needed for your cherished pet. You can get them for animals as small as hamsters all the way to as big as medium dogs.

The casket often has a handmade mattress on the inside to lay your pet on. Once inside the soil the casket will degrade completely.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Rishabh Mishra (possible248)

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