Pet Casket Plans

Pet Casket Plans are available for the carpenters out there that want to make and create their own caskets for their pets. Making the final resting place for your pet is the last act a pet owner can do for their pets. Creating your own casket can also provide closure for the pet owner. Each pet casket plan comes with all the material needed to finish the casket in the shortest amount of time possible. With fast shipping you could have your casket built and ready to go when your pet passes away. Depending on whether you need a small casket for a pet bird or hamster or whether you need an extra large casket for a large dog there is a plan for your needs. Each pet casket plan comes with hinges, the rods for carrying, and the ever important end caps for the rods. If you have time you can sand and finish the pet casket to make them even more beautiful.

Creative Commons License photo credit: alx_chief

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