Cardboard Pet Caskets

Cardboard Pet Caskets are not as bad as it sounds. The cardboard casket can be beautifully molded to express significance of the lost pet. They can be decorated and adorned just as beautifully as a wooden casket. The casket is the most environmentally friendly pet casket there is. They are also cost effective. The cardboard pet casket is typically triple walled die-cut cardboard construction that has been draped with any beautifully designed cloth to adorn the casket. Handles are also installed onto the cardboard casket for easy carrying.

fishThe strength of the cardboard pet casket is tested to withhold up to 500 pounds which is more than enough for a vast majority of pets. Cardboard caskets can be specially designed for your needs or you can choose from a massive selection of designs from your local dealer. These caskets are also biodegradable so everything returns to the earth.

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