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Pet Casket DogGrieving For Your Pet: Selecting a Casket

Losing a pet is a tragic event in any animal lover’s life. Not only were they a family friend, but most often a member of the family also. For many pet owners, the only foreseeable way to gain closure is to go through the grieving process just like you would for a human. Part of that process is selecting the appropriate casket for your beloved animal.

There are many different caskets from which to choose from. They vary in price, quality, size, and material. Choosing the perfect one doesn’t have to be an agonizing decision in your time of grief, but rather an easy process once you know what you’re looking for.

The first step in deciding what kind of casket is perfect for your pet is knowing where you will bury him/her. Why? If you are burying your pet in a yard or somewhere other than a pet cemetery, you may want to opt for a biodegradable casket so that all remains get recycled back to the earth and will not be excavated later.

Biodegradable caskets are available in plain colors or even a wood grain print to make them look like real mahogany, pine, or oak. Obviously these containers are not air-tight or waterproof like the non-biodegradable ones. On the positive side, these eco-friendly caskets are much less expensive than their non-degrading counterparts and often look just as elegant as more pricey options.

While there are a few biodegradable options available, there are more non- biodegradable caskets to choose from. These non-biodegradable caskets are for use mostly in pet cemeteries. They are both air and water tight, providing you pet with ample shelter from the elements and a plush interior.

Metal pet caskets are the luxury edition of animal caskets. They are somewhat more expensive than other options, but worth their price knowing that your treasured pet will rest in comfort forever. These caskets may come in colors with gold or silver accents, or they may even be requested in brushed chrome and other metals.

Almost as luxurious are the Durolon caskets, made from durable plastic. They look just as graceful as the metal options and are designed to withstand extreme pressure and temperature. These beautiful caskets offer optimum protection in an environmentally friendly form.

Wood or wood-like casket constructions are perhaps the most cost efficient option of the bunch. These caskets are for the pet owner who wishes to commemorate their pet, but does not want to deplete their bank account to do so. These caskets are exquisite in construction and perfect for any size pet.

If you think cremation is the best option for your pet, there are gorgeous urns available, many even look like small caskets and can be placed in the ground as such. These beautiful marble, stone, or metal urns can make a great decorative accent to your home where your pet will be always remembered.

When the time comes to bury your cherished pet, remember to take a breath and follow the above steps for an easy decision-making process during your time of need. Memorialize your pet for eternity with any one of these durably elegant caskets or urns.

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